The Place is also a Business Incubator that through a program with methodologies and proven tools we can help you to check the potential of your idea, to find the potential market in a short and long term, speed up the development of your company with efficient implementation techniques and getting away aspects that do not represent the important part of your business.

The goal of our Business Incubator program is that in four months you will be able to; validate your idea and business plan, to develop strategies of market penetration (new business introduction), to test the monetization model, prototypes building or minimum value product, definition of key performance indicators, interviewing guidance and funding applications as well as you can have an approach to funding investment for capitalizing your idea.

With The Place Business Incubator you will have access to mentors with a lot of experience in different areas and you will be able to exchange ideas and work out any doubt. Furthermore, different conferences and workshops which information will be elementary for polishing your strategy.

We provide to you a space with all eases and resources that you need in order that you can only stay focused in your business successful.

In The Place, you will find a community ready to help you, Friends and colleagues eager to boost you to success.

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